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"Christ's love in word and deed"
Our Vision: The leading
health service provider in Malawi

Malawi is one of the countries worst hit by the AIDS pandemic, with over 10% of the adult population infected with HIV. In the larger urban centers, such as the capital city of Lilongwe, up to 20% are HIV positive.  Malawi has less than one physician for every 54,000 citizens and has a healthcare budget of only $77 per person per year.  Compare this with about $85,000 per person per year in the US.  The answer is building the capacity of the health system to address HIV and the many other diseases that impact the lives of Malawian families.

Partners in Hope is a Malawian non-profit organization that began in 2004 with a focus on making a difference in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  During that time it has grown to a busy medical center which cares for over 10,000 patients with HIV.  Through an amazing grant from USAID (United States Agency for International Development) our OHSEC-Malawi project provides training, mentoring and facility development at over 100 hospitals and clinics in Malawi’s southern, central and northern regions.  Recognizing that HIV/AIDS does not occur in a “vacuum”, PIH has expanded its focus to broader health systems strengthening.  Our vision is to be “The leading health service provider in Malawi”.  Our Mission Statement is “To strengthen the capacity of Malawi’s healthcare system to deliver quality, equitable and sustainable services”

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Capacity Building (OHSEC-Malawi)

Training and mentoring in management of HIV-related diseases
Training and mentoring in anti-retroviral therapy for HIV treatment (ARVs)

A Non-Profit Teaching and Research Hospital

While maintaining a focus on HIV/AIDS and Tb we are growing into a full-service hospital
Next steps Surgical Center and Pediatric in-patient wards

Medical Education & Research

Affiliated with University of Malawi, College of Medicine and UCLA Program in Global Health
Training of medical students and residents
Research projects in HIV/Tb and related diseases

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