• Office Address: Area 36/Plot 8, Opposite St. John's Parish
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  • Area 36/Plot 8, M1 Road South, Opposite St. John's Parish
  • +265 (0) 1725 818


Partners in Malawi is a California-based charity dedicated to supporting Partners in Hope.
Raising money for the initial purchase of the PIH Medical Center Facility and the initial
remodeling, they now support ongoing projects and new capital needs.

Our university affiliation with the UCLA Program in Global Health provides excellent opportunities for:

Educational exchange program for final year Internal Medicine residents
Support for research programs at Partners in Hope and EQUIP sites
Support for EQUIP training program

USAID-PEPFAR supports training and research programs at Partners in Hope and
EQUIP hospitals and clinics.

Several PIH staff serve with SIM, an international, interdenominational mission agency.

African Mission Healthcare Foundation has provided significant support for building the physical infrastructure, supporting purchase of labs and pharmaceuticals, and supports the Tigwirane Manja project.

Project MedSend assists missionary doctors and other health professionals in paying off student loans while they serve on the mission field.