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Carolyn Moore- A nurse from Australia

Carolyn Moore is a nurse from Australia who sought out an overseas opportunity where she could use her twenty-five plus years of experience working in community health. She had been to Malawi and knew a couple people here, so she connected with an international, interdenominational mission organization called SIM (Serving in Mission), and learned about a community outreach program of Partners in Hope, called Tigwirane Manja (means “let’s hold hands” in the local language of Chichewa).

Carolyn says, “Jon Fielder [the doctor who started the program] sent a very comprehensive e-mail telling me about the program and all they had accomplished, the needs and future ideas. I could tell he was passionate about the program, and also ‘real’ about the challenges of going out in the community. It sounded exciting to me and just the right fit. I then “googled” and found the Partners in Hope and SIM websites and was impressed with the vision and how God had used Perry and others to make it all happen.”

“God has been patient with me and moulding me over the years to enable me to step out of my comfort zone and serve Him overseas for this time. I have always been interested in missions. I have seen how missionary nurses’ roles have changed, from “hands on” to rather mentoring/partnership/education and coaching roles. Being at the later stage of my working life, I hoped that some of my skills and knowledge could be used at Partners in Hope and with the Tigwirane Manja team.”

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