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September 2011-PIH welcomes Drs. Fitzgerald and Schooley David Fitzgerald, MD(Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease) Dr. Fitzgerald received his medical school training

Bryony Pannell is a doctor from the UK who has come to work at the Partners in Hope Medical Center (PIH) five different times, and plans to come again. Though she

Carolyn Moore is a nurse from Australia who sought out an overseas opportunity where she could use her twenty-five plus years of experience working in community

Jennie Herrington is doctor from the United States who volunteered her time at the Partners in Hope Medical Center(PIH) for the month of July, 2012. Following her

During this time of growth and transition at Partners in Hope (PIH), I’ve tried to start my week with an early morning exercise swim at the kids’ school, and

July 2015 Power upgrade-Solar Power Solutions A stable source of power is something that is often taken for granted in the US and other developed countries. In

April 2014 Greater Things I recently went through the various papers that I had stuffed in the cover of my Bible, because it was getting too full. It contained

Starting with “WHY” Partners in Hope was flourishing in many ways. God had accomplished much since the initial vision back in 2001 to care strategically for

Tuberculosis (Tb) is the number one killer of patients with HIV. An ancient disease, Tb was nearly eliminated until the HIV epidemic when millions of people became

Levison’s Perspective (clinical officer at the Partners in Hope Medical Center) Question: Why are you in this role? Answer: “It has nothing to do with