• Office Address: Area 36/Plot 8, Opposite St. John's Parish
  • +265 (0) 1725 818
  • Area 36/Plot 8, M1 Road South, Opposite St. John's Parish
  • +265 (0) 1725 818

HIV/AIDS treatment is a critical priority of Partners in Hope. Through care given in our Moyo Clinic, Dalitso Clinic, and Thandizo Ward, we strive to provide our patients with the best care, always.

Moyo Clinic

The Moyo Clinic (moyo meaning “life” in Chichewa) is located in the west hall of the Medical Center and provides high quality HIV/AIDS care at no cost. This includes consultations, laboratory testing (CD4 and viral load), all HIV medications, counseling, nutrition and gardening education.

Dalitso Clinic

The Dalitso Clinic (dalitso meaning “blessing” in Chichewa) is a fee-paying clinic that directly subsidizes the cost of care in the Moyo Clinic, making it an essential component of the PIH aim to impact the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi. Additionally, it provides a high quality, professional and confidential setting for patients to access HIV/AIDS treatment, as well as general healthcare.

Thandizo Ward

The Thandizo Ward (thandizo meaning “help” in Chichewa) is a 15-bed inpatient facility that offers patients privacy and around-the-clock care. Private patients have the option of staying in a semi-private or private room. Both are equipped with a bathroom and shower.